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Tax Return Form

Tax File Number*
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Visa Type

Date of Visa

Please provide bank details for electronic funds transfer:
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Account Number*

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Number of Dependants*
Tax return for the year ending June*
Attach your group certificates or payment summaries*

If you have more than four payment summaries, please email them to
All other income, dividends, interest, managed funds, rental properties
Deductions – If yes provide specifics.
D1. Work related car expenses – let us know the details of the car and the expenses.
Vehicle engine size

Cents per kilometer method (up to a maximum of 5,000 kms)

Log book method (kept logbook for 12 consecutive weeks) % of business use?
D2. Work related travel expenses
Did you incur and have receipts for tolls? Total $

Do you have receipts for parking? Total $

Do you have any other travel expenses? Total $
D3. Work related uniform and other clothing expenses
Protective clothing  Total $

Occupation specific clothing Total $

Compulsory uniform Total $
D4. Work related self-education expenses
Name of course and institution

All expenses related to the course Total $

Tickets or license? Total $
D5. Other work related expenses
Do you work from home?
Yes No
If yes, average hours per week?

Stationery/Ink  Total $

Computer and software Total $

Telephone/mobile phone Total $

Tools and equipment Total $

Subscriptions and union fees Total $

Any other work related deductions (please specify)
Other types of deductions
D9. Donations receipted Total $

D10. Cost of managing previous year's tax affairs Total $
Other relevant information
Are you entitled to a Medicare Card?
Yes No Unsure
Marital status

Partners name

Partners DOB

Approx. estimate of partners income

Do you have private health insurance?   
Yes No*
If yes please provide end of FY statement.

Did you live in a remote area of Australia for more than 181 days or serve overseas with the Australian defence force
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You authorise Finn Warner & Associates Pty Ltd to lodge your tax return on your behalf*
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Are you entitled to the Medicare levy exemption or reduction?
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